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ASH WARE has been the leading supplier of eTPU and TPU development tools and training.  Customers worldwide count on our tools to reduce their development times and improve the quality of their production code.  Our software and support are backed by years of application experience.  Welcome to your source for eTPU/TPU tools and expertise!


ASH WARE has released the first product based upon a completely new simulation IDE framework called DevTool!  The new eTPU2+ Development Tool provides a complete IDE with integrated build / project management as well as enhanced simulation features.  eTPU2+ DevTool supports all versions of the eTPU (original eTPU1 through eTPU2+) and includes a graphical state machine editor and compiler that revolutionizes eTPU code development!  Download a demo version today or contact us to get a fully functional evaluation version.

In the works with the new DevTool platform is the MC33816 Development Tool product, targeting the upcoming Freescale MC33816 part. The product is in pre-production testing now and is scheduled for full production release October 2014!

Just out on Oct 2, release version 1.01D of the DevTool products and 2.30D of the ETEC eTPU/eTPU2/eTPU2+ C Compiler. See the DevTool and ETEC release notes for all the details. With this new release we have also completed a port of the new Engine Control eTPU Library (Freescale AN4907) - the ETEC executable is over 10% smaller than the Freescale build. Download now from HERE!

ASH WARE has the eTPU and MC33816 tools, we have the eTPU/MC33816 training and consulting services too.  Talk to us about packaging our tools with additional services:

  • An eTPU training course - onsite options available.  Courses have been taught world-wide since 2003!
  • eTPU software architecture or code development consulting.  We have been developing software for the eTPU and predecessor TPU part for over 20 years.
  • Porting services.  Let us help port your eTPU software from other toolchains and we guarantee smaller and more efficient executable code.
  • An MC33816 design and programming course, and consulting services.


The Freescale eTPU can handle complex timing signal I/O and has found a range of uses in the automotive, aerospace and industrial domains, including automotive engine control, communications, and motor control applications.  Besides tools, ASH WARE offers off-the-shelf drivers such as ARINC 429 and I2C for the eTPU microcontroller.


The Ashware team has been programming TPU and eTPU devices since 1992.  We have delivered software into the automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace industries.  Contact us and put our expertise to work in your project!


NEW!  In conjunction with AMT Publishing, ASH WARE is pleased to announce the addition of several microcontroller trainings to our offering - see the MCU training page for more details!

Time is money - you can shorten your learning curve by attending one of our courses. Learning to program the Freescale eTPU is easier than you may think! The next scheduled training in Detroit will be held 2015 March 17-19.  Online registration available.

Attend the new MC33816 course "Using and Programming the MC33816 Programmable Solenoid Controller", scheduled for TBD in Novi, MI.


ASH WARE offers the full line of textbooks by AMT Publishing under our literature products. These books are a must-have learning and reference tool for developers of eTPU, MPC5554/5553, Coldfire or Flexis software!


Demo versions of our software can be downloaded at any time - see here. For a more detailed product evaluation, contact us about receiving a temporary but fully-functional license.

Configure, build and download your own set of Freescale eTPU functions with our eTPU Code Builder!  It has been recently updated to use the new highly-optimized 2.23A ETEC Compiler, and hosts the latest versions of the Freescale standard functions.  NEW - each build includes the function documentation and host API code!

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