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ASH WARE has been the leading supplier of eTPU and TPU development tools and training. Customers worldwide count on our tools to reduce their development times and improve the quality of their production code. Our software and support are backed by years of application experience. Welcome to your source for eTPU/TPU tools and expertise!


MIL-STD-1553 eTPU Driver has now been publicly released on github under the MIT open source license - click here for direct access.

DevTool Version 2.72 Build D (2020-Jul-14) is now available!  This 2.72 release includes a huge number of improvements and a number of bug fixes - here's a sampling:

  • Added support for arrays (including multi-dimensional) in the scripting language.
  • For MC33816, added an H-bridge and other external circuit models, and enabled trace capabilities.
  • In System DevTool, the CPU32 target support had been enhanced by providing a convenient internal build capability, allowing this target to behave more like a generic host CPU for system and host API testing.
  • Fixed a number of useability issues.

The release package also contains a new ETEC C Compiler Version 2.62 Build D with multiple enhancements that can lead to improved executable code efficiency, including:

  • Targeted particularly at motor control applications, provide the ability to use angle mode registers (TPR, TRR) or unused counter registers (most likely TCR2) for general purposes. Use of this new feature can lead to more optimal executable code and decreased use of stack or scratchpad memory.
  • Improved support for 'inline' functions which can lead to reduced worst-case thread lengths, while keeping code more modular and maintainable.

See the  release notes for all the details.

Check out the new  product and feature videos!

Our I2C eTPU driver is available for download and use free of charge, under the Eclipse Public License 1.1!

ASH WARE has the eTPU tools, we have the eTPU training and consulting services too.   Talk to us about packaging our tools with additional services:

  • An eTPU training course - onsite options available.  Courses have been taught world-wide since 2003!
  • eTPU software architecture or code development consulting.  We have been developing software for the eTPU and predecessor TPU part for over 20 years.
  • Porting services.  Let us help port your eTPU software from other toolchains and we guarantee smaller and more efficient executable code.


The Ashware team has been programming eTPU (and TPU) devices since 1992.  We have delivered software into the automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace industries.  Contact us and put our expertise to work in your project!

With the recent move to automotive electrification we have successfully completed several motor control designs. We are also familiar with the new NXP Motor Control reference design and can tailor it to meet customer specified requirements.


eTPU Programming Course.  Time is money - you can shorten your learning curve by attending one of our courses either at your company or at one of our worldwide training locations. Learning to program the NXP eTPU is easier than you may think! Our next course is online, October 12 to October 22, 2 to 3 hours per day. Click here for the eTPU programming course syllabus and additional information.

MC33816 Course (also applicable to the PT2001).  Time is money - you can shorten your learning curve.  This course will now be taught online due to Covid. Click here for the MC33816 programming course syllabus and additional information.

The Ashware team has been programming TPU and eTPU devices since 1992.  We have delivered  software into the automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace industries.  Contact us and put our expertise to work in your project!

                         ASH WARE is proud to be an NXP Gold Partner!