BLDC Motor Control

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BLDC Motor Control

ASH WARE is working at developing enhancements to the Freescale DC Motor eTPU function library.  This library, known as "eTPU Set 3", is used as the basis for the BLDC motor control drivers we are working on.  ASH WARE enhancements include

  • sensorless BLDC support - perform forced commutation to start a motor, and thereafter use the back-EMF information to get motor position and properly time block commutations.  Requires additional hardware to process the back-EMF into a form the eTPU can use.
  • position control - allows the user to specify a destination "position", and upon command the controller will move the motor to the desired position, with controllable peak and ramp speed characteristics.

See the Freescale Set 3 application note for additional information.

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Features and Details

The baseline Freescale DC motor control eTPU function set includes the following features/capabilities:

  • Generation of PWM signals
  • Decoding of signals from Hall sensors
  • Decoding of signals from a shaft encoder
  • Commutation of PWM phases
  • Speed control
  • Torque (current) control
  • DC-bus break control

ASH WARE provides the following enhancements:

  • Decoding of a back-EMF signal for position and commutation timing
  • Forced commutation for motor start
  • Enhanced position control


All requirements derived from the User Manual are guaranteed to be met. No other guarantees are made or implied. Specifically, determination of suitability for a particular application is the responsibility of the purchaser. If not fully satisfied, delete and return all materials within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.  Workmanship is guaranteed for one year.  Any software issues found and reported within one year will be fixed at no cost by ASH WARE.


  • User Manual
  • eTPU C source code files
  • All the eTPU build outputs, built with ETEC V2.01A.
  • eTPU Simulator test suite.
  • Host-side driver software that initializes and works with the eTPU.  This can be used as-is or modified for specific application requirements.
  • Test / example host-side application software.
  • eTPU System Simulator test suite for the host software.


With the purchase of the initial license comes 4 hours of consulting time. Additional hours are billed at an hourly rate of $180 USD.




Each license is royalty free. ASH WARE receives no per unit royalty.

Evaluation Kit

An evaluation kti is available upon request.  It consists of all deliverables except the eTPU source code, allowing users to test that the software will meet their needs.