ASH WARE – Embedded Software Tools since 1994

Are you too busy to write your own MC33816 or eTPU code?  Are you reluctant to spend the overhead of becoming proficient in writing custom microcode?  We provide custom design and coding services to automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturers.

ASH WARE has a wealth of automotive and other experience in the eTPU/TPU domain, as enumerated below.

  • ETpu Injector high side/low side driver.  Dual Pulse diesel system with full injector diagnostics.
  • Complete engine control solution for a race car engine.  Includes all HW and SW design.
  • Engine monitoring system for a diesel truck.  Continuous measurement system provides real-time analysis.
  • Built and assembled many race car engines.
  • Modified the sensor interface, etc for a 98 mustang race car.  Implemented a progressive nitrous oxide injection system.  The progressive nature of the injection system keeps the system stable.
  • Various modification to existing Tpu/ETpu code for new engine hardware (Trigger wheel patterns etc.)
  • Sensorless and Hall-based BLDC motor control
  • Serial communication protocols
  • I2C driver/receiver
  • ARINC 429 Transmitter/receiver (125kb Avionic Communications)
  • Hardware bring-up and debug with PE Micro and other tools

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Experts in MC33816/TPU/eTPU Design Since 1994!