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The ASH WARE MIL-STD-1553 Driver/Receiver allows the Freescale eTPU to be act as a Remote Terminal (RT,) Monitor Terminal (MT) or Bus Controller (BC.)  This driver has been written to support both the eTPU and eTPU2 devices, and can run on any 132 MHZ (or equivilent) Freescale or STMicro chip with the eTPU/eTPU2 peripheral.


0.9 - Pre-Relase Protype Version

Features and Details

The following features are supported.

  • RT, MT and BC.
  • FIFO message buffering for both message and status (other buffering schemes are available)
  • Programmable interrupts on a variety of events including buffer fill threshold reached (e.g., 75% full,) error, etc.
  • Timestamp genertion function generates timestamps for every message that are guaranteed unique within every 6 minutes window.
  • Loopback (self test only)

A redundant driver/receiver requires the entire eTPU engine.  Since most eTPU's have duel engines there will generally the other engine must be used for all other I/O functions.

Example Waveforms

The following waveforms show the receiver and driver low level waveforms.  Because of the relatively fast edge speed of the 1553 the primary technical barrier is getting the edge rates to meet the requirements at full speed.  The waveforms shown below show that this has been acheived with about a 30% timing margin.  Additional margin could be acheived by coding key portions in assembly.


Testing includes 100 % code and jump coverage of the eTPU software. All features described in the User Manual have been tested.


All requirements derived from the User Manual are guaranteed to be met. No other guarantees are made or implied. Specifically, determination of suitability for a particular application is the responsibility of the purchaser. If not fully satisfied, delete and return all materials within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.  Workmanship is guaranteed for one year.  Any software issues found and reported within one year will be fixed at no cost by ASH WARE.


  • User Manual
  • ETpu C source code files that implement the 1553 functionality in the eTPU.  These are configured for use with the ETEC eTPU C Compiler, but can be configured to work with other compilers if necessary (ETEC yields the best performance).
  • All the eTPU build outputs, built with ETEC V2.00B.
  • eTPU Simulator test suite that tests all RT, MT, and BC functionality with 100% code and jump coverage.
  • Host-side driver software that initializes and works with the eTPU.  This can be used as-is or modified for specific application requirements.
  • Test / example host-side application software.
  • eTPU System Simulator test suite for the 1553 host software.


With the purchase of the initial license comes 4 hours of consulting time. Additional hours are billed at an hourly rate of $180 USD.


The baseline license is a per-product license.  Purchase of a license entitles the purchaser to use the eTPU drivers on a single product. If the driver were to be used on another product, an extension license would need to be purchased. ASH WARE receives no royalties.  Additional licensing options are available - contact ASH WARE for details as well as pricing for all license options.

A Licensing Agreement must be in place prior to delivery.


Each license is royalty free. ASH WARE receives no per unit royalty.

Evaluation Kit

An evaluation kti is available upon request.  It consists of all deliverables except the eTPU source code, allowing users to test that the software will meet their needs.